Digital Marketing, Design and Development Specialist

IT Manager

Navpoint Internet Services

Web Design

Utilizing HTML, CSS, WordPress, phpMyAdmin and Drupal, developed and maintained 25 professional websites to customer-defined parameters, ensuring prompt, total customer satisfaction.

Business Development

Designed original digital media content using Photoshop to increase brand awareness and expand company exposure while implementing revenue generating services for the company such as a business cloud, remote support and backup solutions

Hardware Solutions

Lead repair operations, ticketing and sourcing while personally constructing 10 production servers, 50 custom computers and 100+ repairs in store and on site.


Implemented virus and backup procedures to ensure data security and system stability for internal and enterprise customers leveraging Symantec, Webroot, Kasperski, ClamAV and Windows Defender.

Data Center

Maintained over 99% data center up time in an environment consisting of 15 Windows Servers (03/08/12), 5x CentOS 6/7 servers, Idera R1Soft Backup, Comodo One patch management, WatchGuard Firewall, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Webroot, CrushFTP, Cold Fusion, IIS (6/7)


Managed support services for home and business users ensuring fast, documented solutions. Utilized Go2Assist and LogMeIn to provide application support for Windows, Mac, Office, Exchange, Webmail, Quickbooks and more.

Team Production Lead

Market Resource Partners


Executed 200 daily cold calls, generating $172,000 in new business and producing 298 leads on behalf of Arrow, Citrix, Cisco, Dell, and other major technology companies.


Aided in the management of 30 account executives, monitoring call times and maintaining quality control.


Created product and process training seminars for current employees and new-hires, establishing consistent work practices and enhancing organization across sales teams.


Strategically increased effectiveness and performance across sales team, utilizing data-driven tools and resources to maximize productivity.

Web Design

Logo Design

Paul Thorson

Former Team Lead

Jason stood out immediately upon his entrance to MRP. He succeeded in his sales goals and was recognized as a production leader within a short amount of time. You want this man on your team.

Matthew Day

Former Manager

Jason came to my team as the result of an organizational restructure and quickly established himself as an asset to the team. I promoted Jason to be my production lead after 1 month; he responded by using his technical and analytical knowledge to aid in the teams development and success.

Bill Ashton

Former Dean

Jason, is a very bright, extremely creative student. He has all the natural instincts to be successful at any career he decided to pursue. I highly recommend him as a future employee.